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Moldavite is a type of tektite, which is a natural glass formed by the impact of a meteorite on the Earth's surface. Moldavite is believed to have been created around 15 million years ago when a meteorite struck what is now the Bavarian region of Germany.
Moldavite is often described as a green, olive, or brownish-green glass, with a unique texture and surface features. It is found primarily in the Czech Republic, where it is highly valued for its rarity and metaphysical properties.
Many people believe that moldavite has powerful spiritual and healing properties, and that it can help to open the heart and crown chakras, enhance intuition and psychic abilities, and facilitate spiritual growth and transformation. Some people even believe that moldavite has extraterrestrial origins, and that it can help to connect us with other realms and dimensions.
Moldavite is often used in jewelry and as a meditation tool, and is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. Due to its scarcity and unique properties, it can be quite expensive and difficult to find. However, many people find the energy and beauty of moldavite to be well worth the investment.