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 To claim: Please comment with the price and letters that are shown on my stickers, along with any random words or emojis. Avoid typing "SOLD" to prevent blocking on Instagram.

Please take screenshots of the items you claim as proof.

The first comment that appears on our screen will receive the crystals. Please remember that your screen may display comments differently, so we will go with what we see to ensure fairness for everyone.

Please claim responsibly. If you are not completely certain that you can handle your invoice, please refrain from claiming the items.

Invoices must be paid within 24 hours after they are sent.

Failed payments without any communication will result in a ban from our future live sales and all giveaways. Additionally, you will be blocked from our Instagram pages.

No swapping or putting items back. Please make sure you like the items before claiming them.

Canceling orders after the sale ends is not allowed.

Helping others claim is permitted, but only if requested and confirmed by the purchaser during the live sale. Please do not claim items for someone unless you are certain and not just guessing.

Please be kind and considerate.